Monday, May 5, 2014

A Guide to Charleston

I was in Charleston, SC with my sister and mom this past week for three days and we had so much fun! The flight there is an hour and a half and the flight back is an hour, the airport is less than fifteen minutes from downtown Charleston and the weather is beautiful! Even though we flew two out of the three days, the traveling was so easy, that it felt like we were there for a lot longer. 

We stayed at the Marriott on Lockwood Blvd and it was really nice. It was a ten minute drive from downtown...we still walked everywhere and it was fine. Great views, great service and great people!

After we got settled in the hotel we decided to walk around and explore a little bit.

 We went to the Charleston campus to walk around. My sister went there for her freshman year of college and she had so much fun reminiscing. There were such cute shops and the first one we went into was called Haute Hanger, the store was beautiful!

Next, we went into Lululemon! My sister and I literally wanted everything in there. I settled on a pair of spandex shorts for Crossfit this summer :). My mom loves their bags so they gave her a big and small one, right away the southern charm was apparent and we were so happy to be there!! How excited are you that there is going to be a Lululemon in Towson Town Mall?!

After the last shop we went back to the hotel, showered and called a cab to go to dinner. We were planning on going to sushi so my sister looked on Yelp, after we told the cab driver we just chose a place he took us to a sushi restaurant called Wasabi. Locals know best! We ate some sushi and drank some good!

I am wearing a maxi dress from Nordstom $58, my Kut from the Cloth Denim jacket and a necklace off of Hautelook!

The next day we got up and were ready to explore! 

I am wearing Floral Shorts from Madewell, a Helmut Lang t-shirt and Dolce Vita Sandals (link is not the same as mine but similar) along with my Ray Ban sunglasses.

We kept walking...and kept walking and went to the Battery, it is a row of AH-mazing houses looking over the water. Every house was uniquely beautiful and preserved but this one was my favorite.


 We walked around and shopped some more. We went to another shop called the Impeccable Pig, which I was obsessed with! I got two more dresses there that I just love! 

Also, went to Madewell and got another pair of shorts for a great price! Click the link and get them, on sale! Hurry before they are gone!

After a very fun and long day shopping...

I needed a little R&R.
We went out to dinner for our last night to a place called the Grocery, the menu is different every week and everything is sourced locally and organic. Our neighbor spends a lot of time in Charleston and suggested it...thanks Kathy! The food was so tasty!

I wore a maxi skirt from Madewell (on sale!) a pastel printed top from Franchesca's and my Jack Roger scandals.

We had the best trip together, it was so nice to spend some time with my sister and mom!  If you are ever looking for a quick vaca where you can maximize your time and have a great time I highly suggest it! I am going to try to get back this summer!