Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I Got the Blues

Rain, rain go away! Luckily this weekend is supposed to be sunny because I am totally over all of this bad weather! I am loving this look because it is super casual but great for transitioning from day to night. The dress is long sleeved with a mini skirt and a second overlay that ties in front, the fabric is so soft and comfortable. I paired it with this collarless faux leather jacket but it will be adorable as it gets warmer with a heeled sandal. This jacket has so many little details that I love like the quilted pattern on the shoulders and the zippers on the sleeves. It is under $30 and the outfit possibilities are endless! Links to purchase are below!


Friday, February 19, 2016


This time of year it is so hard to figure out what to wear! With the weather being all over the place I like to put on a couple of layers so I can adjust as needed. This white crewneck sweater layered underneath my jacket is my favorite basic right now, so much that I bought it in black as well. There is a half zipper on the bottom of the back and the fit is perfection. The breathable casual fabric is so comfortable and it will be a great staple going into the Spring, I never want to take it off! I bought this jacket last year and still find myself grabbing it when I am on the go, I could not find the same exact one but I linked a similar one that is on sale! I love that this is a baseball cap with a twist, the faux leather is a great touch. These ripped jeans are a great staple that are at an amazing price point! Same thing with the ankle booties, they are $40 and so comfortable. There is quilting on the backside of the shoe and zippers on both sides of the foot which is a unique detail. 
Everything is linked below. Hope you have a great weekend!


Friday, February 12, 2016

DIY: Valentine's Love

Valentines DIY: Hearts and Crafts 

Love is an intense feeling of deep affection and one day a year we celebrate the love we have for someone else. Its always nice to be reminded to tell the people you care about that you love them, no matter if it is your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend or family member. Valentine's Day is in a few days and I have the perfect DIY that will really show your loved ones how you feel about them.

Start with a neutral color top:

To create the perfect heart:
-Circular object

For the large heart you will need a big piece of paper or like I did, tape two pieces of paper together.

Fold it in half. Make sure the fold is on the left side. 

Choose your circular object. Use my guide below to chose a size:

For this particular size heart use a 6 1/2 in. diameter circle. Place the object on the top left corner. 

1/4 in. below the top of the paper and 1/4 in off the left side of the paper. 

Trace around the top half of the circular object.

Take your ruler and draw a straight line off the half circle. 

Cut out the ice cream cone shaped stencil and open it up.

Ta-Da! You have your perfect heart!

Next, you need fabric. I chose a red solid and a red lace (this photo makes the fabric look pink). Make sure that you are buying a knit fabric, not a woven. A knit is made with loops so when you cut it, the edges will not fray which is perfect because we are not hemming the heart. 

Lay the fabric flat. If you have two pieces layer them on top of each other in the correct order.
You will need:

Pin the paper heart to the fabric.

Cut the fabric into the heart shape. 

One by one, detach the pin from the paper but rescuer the two fabrics together to keep them perfectly on top of each other. 

Place the heart on top of the shirt you are sewing it on too. Make sure that it is placed where and how you would like then one by one pin the 3 layers of fabric together. When you are re-pinning make sure that you away from the edges so you have room to sew. Thread your needle and sew the heart on your shirt. To make it easier, use a shorter length of thread and sew in sections. 

Here is the final result! 
It completely transformed a boring white sweater into a one of a kind piece. Now you can literally wear your heart on your sleeve!!

Here is another version of this DIY you can try!...
Start with a red or pink top to be festive. 

Choose a funky fabric and fold it in half to create two layers, so when you cut out the heart you will have two of the exact same hearts. Use the 2 in. diameter object, make your heart and pin it on to the fabric. Cut out the two hearts.

Place them on the elbows and pin them down.

Sew the hearts on so they are secure and you are all done!

Do one of these DIY's for Valentine's Day and share the love all day long! 


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Outside of my Fashion Box

Going outside of my fashion box is something I am always trying to do. I love to mix trendy pieces with staple pieces to stay current with what is happening with fashion at that moment. Crop tops have definitely been trendy and I could not see myself wearing one but being that I was doing the Whole 30 when I wore this outfit I thought there is no better time to embrace my body and try something new. This crop top was the perfect choice because it was not too short so with these high waisted jeans there was minimal midriff showing. This necklace is only $5.90 and I loved how unique it is, the stackable rings were only $6 too! The black denim fits like a glove and is only $69. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Valentine's Day

It is easy to get caught up in the day to day grind and monotony of the week's passing so Valentine's Day is always a great reminder to tell the people closest to you that you love them. This is one of those holidays that people either love or hate and it is directly linked to their relationship status. But February 14th does not have to be only for a lover but for the people in your life that you love and cherish. It's also a day where I feel no guilt biting into each chocolate in the heart shaped box to see what is inside before I eat the whole piece :). 
This dress is only $20 and is so festive, I am loving the bell sleeves and the keyhole opening on the back. Since there is a mock turtleneck I decided to pull my hair up and out of the way. 
Direct links are below to purchase this look!