Friday, February 12, 2016

DIY: Valentine's Love

Valentines DIY: Hearts and Crafts 

Love is an intense feeling of deep affection and one day a year we celebrate the love we have for someone else. Its always nice to be reminded to tell the people you care about that you love them, no matter if it is your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend or family member. Valentine's Day is in a few days and I have the perfect DIY that will really show your loved ones how you feel about them.

Start with a neutral color top:

To create the perfect heart:
-Circular object

For the large heart you will need a big piece of paper or like I did, tape two pieces of paper together.

Fold it in half. Make sure the fold is on the left side. 

Choose your circular object. Use my guide below to chose a size:

For this particular size heart use a 6 1/2 in. diameter circle. Place the object on the top left corner. 

1/4 in. below the top of the paper and 1/4 in off the left side of the paper. 

Trace around the top half of the circular object.

Take your ruler and draw a straight line off the half circle. 

Cut out the ice cream cone shaped stencil and open it up.

Ta-Da! You have your perfect heart!

Next, you need fabric. I chose a red solid and a red lace (this photo makes the fabric look pink). Make sure that you are buying a knit fabric, not a woven. A knit is made with loops so when you cut it, the edges will not fray which is perfect because we are not hemming the heart. 

Lay the fabric flat. If you have two pieces layer them on top of each other in the correct order.
You will need:

Pin the paper heart to the fabric.

Cut the fabric into the heart shape. 

One by one, detach the pin from the paper but rescuer the two fabrics together to keep them perfectly on top of each other. 

Place the heart on top of the shirt you are sewing it on too. Make sure that it is placed where and how you would like then one by one pin the 3 layers of fabric together. When you are re-pinning make sure that you away from the edges so you have room to sew. Thread your needle and sew the heart on your shirt. To make it easier, use a shorter length of thread and sew in sections. 

Here is the final result! 
It completely transformed a boring white sweater into a one of a kind piece. Now you can literally wear your heart on your sleeve!!

Here is another version of this DIY you can try!...
Start with a red or pink top to be festive. 

Choose a funky fabric and fold it in half to create two layers, so when you cut out the heart you will have two of the exact same hearts. Use the 2 in. diameter object, make your heart and pin it on to the fabric. Cut out the two hearts.

Place them on the elbows and pin them down.

Sew the hearts on so they are secure and you are all done!

Do one of these DIY's for Valentine's Day and share the love all day long!