Monday, March 31, 2014

Hair Tutorial: How I Curl My Hair

I am so excited for my first ever video tutorial! I wanted to show you guys how I do my hair, step by step, so you can do the same thing yourself. This is my personal go to hair style, I can do it so quickly now and it holds all day long, which is great! I especially like my hair curly with it ombre because the gradation of dark to light through the curls looks great! But with any hair color this look is sure to wow everyone. You can keep it casual or dress it up to look amazing no matter what! Watch below and try it yourself!

Send me photos of your finished product to and I will post them! Also, let me know how I did with explaining the process or if you have any questions by posting below!


Monday, March 17, 2014

Closet Crash at Emily's!

This was such an amazing closet crash, my friend Emily and I finally found a time to go through her stuff and really organize its all! We were having way to much fun and what you don't see is Katie, Samantha and Erin in the background goofing around with us while we conquered Emily's closet! They all got to take home a couple things that Em did not want anymore and it was a great way to exchange clothing to refresh everyones wardrobe! Emily's closet had so many great shelves and hooks in it that it just needed some adjustments to really utilize the space for its full potential! She has such great style and by the end she was so excited to be able to see her whole wardrobe to maximize outfits and to know the pieces she needs to complete her looks for the spring time!! 

Click here to view the video on youtube!


Monday, March 10, 2014

Mini Skirts, More Options

As much as I would like it to be Spring already...I have a feeling we have a couple more weeks of cold before that happens. This transitioning weather is driving me crazy, one day it is getting warmer and getting my hopes up then the next it is snowing again! Because the weather is so unsure about what it is doing I wanted to talk about some more transitioning looks that you can rock to stay stylish though the ups and downs in the temperature. Two weeks ago I talked about the LSM dress, as being a great go to for this type of weather because of the coverage while still showing some skin. This week I want to talk about mini skirts! 

This first skirt is from Madewell, it is plaid and has a school girl feel keeping it youthful but the scalloped side seams and mid-mini length makes it mature and modern. This front tie chambray shirt from Velvet Heart updates the everyday button down and hits at the perfect spot on the torso to compliment this skirt beautifully! If it is colder out you could add leggings or stocking for more coverage but as it gets warmer loose the layers and shorten the sleeves to wear it in different ways over and over again! I chose to pair it with my Michael Kors boots to keep it casual but you could pair it with whatever you have in your closet! 

This next skirt is from Banana Republic, and on sale! Tweed is typically a winter fabrication because it is usually wool so it is very warm but I can make an exception with this skirt and wear it most of the year because it is cotton and a lovely white/ivory blend with black slub. It can be used as a transitional piece from winter to spring  as well as in the fall and in the winter. I paired it with this peplum top from Modcloth that I love, Click here for a similar style, it has the most beautiful details throughout and really compliments the skirt. The cinched waist and overlay of the skirt slims the body creating a great dressed up and classic look. 

Lastly, I am rocking a mini flared leather skirt, it is made by Arc and Co. and I got it from the online store LuLu's . This is such a fun skirt to add to your wardrobe because it is another piece that I will wear all year round, it just needs to be wardrobed differently depending on the time of year. The skirt is high waisted and has welt zippers to add some detail. I paired it with a grey long sleeve jersey top that I tucked in to create an hourglass silhouette that I have had for a while now. It has leather patches with studs on the shoulder that brings the whole look together! 

Click here for a tutorial on how to create this easy and adorable braided crowne that I did for this photoshoot!!

Having a variety of mini skirts with different patterns, fabrications, colors and styles you can expand your wardrobe massively. The pairings with these skirts are countless making your bank account happy while satisfying your craving for everything fashionable! Click on the links to purchase these skirts or use this as a guide when you are shopping to pick up the pieces that will work for you!! Which mini skirts in your closet are your favorite? Send me photos to or let me know in the comments section below!


Monday, March 3, 2014

All New Closet Crash!!!!

I am so excited to present my latest closet crash! Erin has a whole room in her basement dedicated to her clothing and shoes and needed some help to organize it in a way that would make sense for her lifestyle. She has SO MANY SHOES that she was having trouble figuring out where to put them all! With a couple organizational pieces added along with using the things she already had in new ways we were able to create the her perfect closet! She was thrilled with the outcome and I was so happy to help her out (her husband was veryyy grateful also!). Check it out!!

If it won't expand into full screen (I don't know why it won't do sorry!!!) CLICK HERE to see it on youtube!!

Do you need a Closet Crash?! Email me at to set it up!