Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Sale Alert!

Happy Hump Day!
I always love a good sale...especially when my favorite boots are under $100! There are a few sizes left in both the black and charcoal color ways! I attached the link below! 


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Sweater Dress Coziness

The holidays are always a crazy time and I always look forward to things slowing down at the beginning of the year...well that is not happening this year. I have decided to leave my day job and move into something I am more passionate media management! I am so excited to be taking this role on to help businesses grow their customer base and following! I am also planning my sisters baby shower, anticipating the arrival of my first niece or nephew, and planning my wedding and honeymoon. So many exciting things are happening that I don't mind that life is not slowing down. Life is crazy, fun, challenging and ever changing and like I have said...2017 is going to be the best year yet! 

There is nothing like a super warm and comfortable sweater dress when it is snowing and/or freezing cold outside. I love waking up and throwing something on that is both cute and functional. It is under $100 and it runs true to size, it is not clingy to the body and could be belted as well! The turtle neck is oversized and drapes nicely which means it is not too tight around the neck which I love. Obviously my obsession with a neutral piece continues but it could also be warn with a pop of color in the leggings or boots! Days like today make me wish I could put this exact dress on in different colors everyday of the week. I decided to wear leggings instead of tights because they are warmer and much more comfortable, these exact ones are linked below, they are not see through at all and fit great all day. My OTK boots are a winter staple in my closet, I always find an excuse to wear them! The pair I am wearing are sold out but I linked 3 other pairs I love that are all under $100! Links are below.


Friday, January 13, 2017

Happy Birthday B!

 How is Beni already 5 years old? In a small way I feel like I understand what it is like for a parent (of a human) to watch their little one grow up. We got him at 7 weeks old and he has been though so much with us, from picking him up in San Francisco to driving back to LA to taking cross country trips to moving back to Maryland and now taking trips to Chicago, he has experienced so much in his life. When I am not with him I miss him and when I am with him I am happy. No matter what he is loving, playful and a joy to be around. When people see him sticking his head out of the car window they can't help but laugh and people love to stop us on the street to say hi (or they are terrified and cross to the other side of the street!). I love taking him to play frisbee and seeing how happy he is when I give him a new toy. I can only hope that we have many more years together. Happy Birthday Beni, I love you endlessly!
I adore looking at our engagement photos and it was mandatory that B was apart of it. Our family friends have a horse farm and they were so sweet to let us shoot there! I decided to go with two different looks. One was a classic white lace look with burgundy booties and the other was a sweater and a burgundy skirt, Steve matched his shirt to my burgundy theme so altogether we were very cohesive! Both looks were super comfortable and affordable, everything fits true to size and can be worn so many different ways! I often wear the lace up sweater with a pair of jeans and you have seen the skirt on here before. I am still waiting for a time to wear the white lace top again, it is so pretty! Links to purchase both looks are below!


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Poncho Love

Happy Thursday! Taking the weekend to catch up on sleep, unpack and take down Christmas decorations was the best decision. I needed that time to recharge and refocus myself. After such an action packed trip it was necessary to have some me time. When my home is chaotic my mind feels the same and puts me in a bit of a panic. That is when I have to write out a to-do list and start checking boxes, it centers me and makes me feel better. Getting back into my clean eating habits has helped tremendously as well. Not having the control of deciding what my food options were forced me to be flexible in my eating habits. I was eating food that I would not normally eat which made my body feel tired and worn out. Food preparation for the week is key for me to stay in control and on top of what is going in my body. 
We went to the outlets when I was in Chicago and found this cozy poncho for an amazing price. It is one of those pieces that you can dress up or dress down and be super comfortable either way. Since it is a neutral you could even add a pop of color underneath! I love how it cinches at the waist and drapes so beautifully. It is long enough to wear with pants or leggings and it is a great piece to transition into spring! I could not find this exact one sadly but I linked a few others that are only $18 (whaaat!) and are very similar as well as the rest of the look! Check them out below!


Friday, January 6, 2017

Birthday Suit

I don't worry too much about age because it is just a number but it does make me reflect on the past and makes me think about what I want to accomplish before the next one. Having my birthday five days after Christmas and two days before the New Year has always been hard because it gets lost in the craziness of the holidays. But it is also nice to become a new age and move into a new year at almost the same time, it is a fresh start every year I get older to do better, to be better and to follow my dreams. My 27th year of life was very challenging in many ways but so amazing in others and it has taught me to go with the flow because "this too shall pass". In a way I was excited to turn 28 because I could put it all behind me, I am more focused in on what I want in every aspect of my life more then ever and I am ready for it. Personally, this year is going to be the biggest one yet, which I could not be more excited about. My sister is having a baby and it is all I have ever wished for her, she is going to be the most amazing mom and I cannot wait to watch it all happen. I am so excited, I watched my best friend become an aunt and it has been so amazing, she loves her nephew more than anything and I can't wait to be a part of the club! A few months after I become a first time aunt I will become a wife, planning for that day has had its ups and downs but I couldn't be more excited. Bring it on 2017...I am ready for you!

My outfit for my birthday was a last minute decision because of the craziness of the holidays and traveling but it ended up being super comfortable and cute! Luckily, I was shopping online at Zara before I left and found this tank and velvet blazer, they went together so well and they both fit true to size! The tank has a knit back and the front is asymmetrical and leather with lace trim at the top, I love how there is a little shine to it! The blazer was also a great purchase, it is comfortable and will go with anything, unfortunatley it looks like it is sold out but I linked a similar one below. I found my choker necklace when we went to the outlets at The Limited, they all came in one package but can be worn separately which I love! I decided to pair my floral velvet booties with my velvet blazer and I am so glad I did, they are so comfortable and fit true to size! Links to purchase this look are below!


Thursday, January 5, 2017

Sale Alert!

This sweater is on sale for $23.40 and there are a couple sizes left in a few colors! I have lived in it all winter and I am going to order another color before they are all sold out! Click the color you like below to purchase!


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Winter White & Cold Shoulder

I am back home to my normal routine after an amazing trip. A lot changed since I have been gone...I turned a year older and we moved into a new year. A fresh start is always a good idea and I have no doubt that this year will be the best one yet. There are so many good things happening this year and I cannot wait for it all, no doubt it will be super busy but that is what makes it exciting. I am not a huge fan of resolutions but I am a fan of making sure I am better and I do better then I did before. I am pushing myself to go outside of my comfort zone and I am determined to create the life I have been dreaming about. I have all of the tools, resources and ambitions to do it, I just need to stay out of my own way and take the risks needed to get myself there. It feels like all of the missing parts and blurry spots have come together and things are clearer then ever. Now I need to put in the work to make all my dreams happen for myself. 
This look was one of my favorites from my trip. I wore it the night we went to dinner with all of Steve's cousins and I was so comfortable in it! This top is a little different then most cold shoulders because the cut outs are up higher then usual, I like how it plays on the trend in a new way! It is super soft and the price point is right around $50! My sisters boyfriend got me that hat for Christmas and it is so versatile and comfortable. It is from Lululemon but I cannot find it on their site (he got it in store) so I linked a similar one below with the rest of this look!