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Working Out in Fashion

Working Out in Fashion

The gym is a great place to blow off some steam, release some stress and gain a healthy dose of self confidence. No matter if you go once a week or seven times a week you have to have gym clothes that are comfortable, functional and that look good. Last week I had a request to do a blog post on athletic wear and I jumped right in to try to create an informative and fashionable post for you all! I went to Titan and recruited three other girls to help me out, I wanted to get many different perspectives on the best gym clothes so there was something for everyone to take away from this! It is really hard to know what gym gear is going to work so hopefully this helps. Almost every time I am at Titan the girls get into discussions about what we are wearing and why we like or dislike it. We do every movement you could possible think of so one of us is always pleased with the gym attire we chose and others are fed up and annoyed with how much they had to keep pulling up their pants or pulling down their top. 

Below is the workout we completed before taking these photos to really test out the gym clothes that we all wore. All of these movements call for a well fitted outfit to complete it without fussing the whole time. So, we did a 2,000 meter row- which takes about 10 minutes, followed by a 3 minute rest. Then, completeing 21 reps we had to hold a 65lb bar and step up onto a box, do burpees, then v-ups. We had to complete that cycle 2 more times. Next, 15 reps of each then lastly 9 reps of each. 

Name: Lindsay Earl
Affiliate: Titan Crossfit
Position: Titan Coach

Favorite Crossfit Stat: 155# clean, as a barely 130# former peanut, I worked hard for that one!
Details on your outfit: Sports bra by Reebok...sadly I can't find this style on the website anymore. But the big thing I wanted the ladies to know about are the crops..."Black Crop Pants" by WOD Gear Clothing Co.
What you like about each piece when working out: 
I like this bra because it is tight enough to support, but also has an adjustable hook at the bottom to allow for different sizes. They also come with inserts incase you want to be a little more discreet, and the inserts don't show easily through the fabric. The bra is not the MOST supportive if you have bigger girls than mine (32C)..but it does a great job if you are my size. Also, the $35 (or so) price tag wasn't too bad either, I feel it is comparable to the quality.
The CROPS: if you are like me, you have searched high and low for a pair of crops that don't stretch out over time (or even WHILE working out), last through many washings, are not an arm and a leg, don't fall down, and are not see-thru. These are a great all-around pick! Although I don't personally own any Lululemon, I have heard that these are VERY similar and less expensive at $65. They come in several colors, and there is also a slight shorter crop for runners, and a full length pant for winter. Of all the spandex I've owned, these are by far the best! These were my very first pair of crops I bought when I started crossfit two years ago...and I still wear them! Also, bonus, they don't show sweat!

CLICK HERE to check out the pants and purchase them for yourself! 

What you look for when buying workout apparel: Something durable, reasonably priced, that I won't have to adjust mid-workout. Also, something that is at least a little flattering helps too!

Your favorite workout apparel brands and why: I definitely love the WODgear crops for the reasons above. As for as tops go, I am a tank top girl so I prefer something that won't stretch out when its drenched in sweat, and is cotton so it absorbs a little. Both Hylete and Fight Through makes tanks that fits this description. Both are a little on the pricey side $25-$30, but they last for you take care of them. Otherwise, your standard $5 Wal-Mart cotton tank works just as well if you are price-concerned. 

Advice to others when buying workout clothes: Be patient if you don't have the cash to spend on the good quality staples! Save that money for a GOOD pair of spandex or sports bra that will lat. It will be well worth it when you don't have to fork over another $40 in 4 months because your mediocre spandex you tried to save money in disintegrates in the washer after its 800th trip through. To help out, most of these brands have email lists you can join that will let you know when they are having deals or sales. You can wait for these to get a few dollars knocked off the price and end up paying as much as you would have for those less expensive options. 


Name: Tiffany Malstrom
Affiliate: Titan Crossfit
Position: Titan Member

 Favorite Crossfit Stat: I have 3...
Grace: 30 Clean and Jerks @ 95# 5:13
235# Back Squat
100# Snatch

Details on the outfit you were wearing: I was wearing an Old Navy 2 in 1 top, Under Armour On The Fly Capris and Reebok Nano 2.0 Shoes.

Why you like each piece when working out: 
I recently purchased two of the Old Navy 2 in 1 work out tops. I love these for several reasons. First of all it comes with a built in bra! The racerback bra works pretty well for most workouts to keep everything secure. I also love that it is not skin tight. The blousy top layer is super comfy and breeze. Plus, its cute and the colors are fun and not what you typically find in workout clothes. This top pairs a solid white striped bra. And the way the top is cut allows for a lot of movement regardless of what I am doing in a workout. 
The Under Armour On the Fly pants are AMAZING. They are "heat gear" so they are designed to keep you cool and wick most moisture away which is awesome because we sweat A LOT in crossfit. And they are compression which makes me feel super secure and help them stay in place regardless if I am running, jumping, etc. I really love the waistband of these capris as well. I am very picky about waistbands and this one is nice and wide so it starts up and it has a hidden drawstring so I can tie them up and ensure they are not going anywhere even if we have a ton of burpees. 
Reebok Nano 2.0's are just one of the many pairs of shoes I own for Crossfit. I like these in particular because they are lightweight and provide good support for when we are going lifts with heavy weights but also allow for a light feel when we have to run. It is a pretty mulitfaced shoe. 

CLICK HERE to view and purchase the Old Navy Top

CLICK HERE to view and purchase her Under Armour Compression Capris

CLICK HERE to view and purchase her Nano shoes! 

What you look for when buying work out apparel:
I mainly look for fit, how comfortable they are, how functional they are and how durable they are.  Oh and I always do a jumping test in the dressing room when I try them on 
Your favorite work out apparel brand and why: I would probably say Under Armour is my favorite at the moment. They are usually pretty reasonably priced and all their pieces are super durable. Plus you can find them at Dick's and try them on and they have seasonal sales on their stuff so you can get a good deal as well.

Advice to others when buying work out clothes: 
Its important to buy good quality and something that suits the type of workouts you do.I used to do Bikram Yoga and many of the tops I used for that don't really work for Crossfit. And you get what you pay for, If you want something that is going to hold up and last a long time you have to be willing to put out a little $ for it. That said I really like Old Navy stuff and its not super pricey. So shop around and find what works for you.

Anything else you want to add: 
Don't be afraid to share your style even in work out clothes. I wear the crazy crossfit socks and ironic t shirts regularly. I like them. I feel good in them and I don't really care what other people think about them  Even the ladies in the supermarket. If you feel good in them, thats whats important.


Name: Holly Batton
Affiliate: Titan Crossfit
Position: Titan Member

 Favorite Crossfit Stat: 165# Back Squat

Details on the outfit you were wearing: I was wearing an Under Armour head band, Under Armour Tank top and Nike Pants

Why you like each piece when working out: 
The Under Armour headbands are tight enough to keep my hair back and out of my face for workouts but not so tight that I start to get a headache. They have a sticky material on the inside that helps for it to hold and stay in place. It is really hard to find headbands that fit correctly so I think trial and error is the only way to find what works best for you. 
The Under Armour tank top I am wearing is so comfortable and it fits like a glove. It is lightweight and very stretchy so it never looses its shape, it is a ribbed material that wicks sweat away to keep you dry and cool. It has a mesh racerback that creates breathability while working out. I am going to go get it in every color!
These Nike pants are the most amazing workout pants I have ever worn. They have a thick band at your waist and they sit up higher so they hold onto your body and do not move. I don't ever have to pull them up or adjust them like my other workout pants. They are thin and tight all the way down my leg to my ankle. They are expensive but totally worth the price in my opinion! I have been wearing them for 6 months now and through wearing and washing the color has not faded and they are still in perfect condition! 

CLICK HERE to view and purchase the Under Armour Headbands 

CLICK HERE to view and purchase the Under Armour Tank Top

CLICK HERE to view and purchase the Nike pants

Your favorite work out apparel brand and why: 
Under Armour is my personal favorite work out brand. They have a great variety of products and they are all very functional for exercise. Everything that I buy lasts a long time and fits really well. Being a Baltimore based company I love to support them! I also have to say Nike because if the workout pants I have...I am going to get a couple more pairs for sure!

 Advice to others when buying work out clothes: 
Buy SMART. It can get costly to create a wardrobe for your workouts so try on the pieces and make sure that they fit like a glove and are made out of a durable material. Buy mostly neutral colors and then some fun colored tops to add in so you can mix and match outfits. 


Name: Erin Batton
Affiliate: Titan Crossfit
Position: Titan Member

Favorite Crossfit Stat: 315# deadlift

Details on the outfit you were wearing: 
From head to toe... my tank is a black under armour made of a ribbed stretchy material. It never gets wet when I sweat- definitely a bonus of the material. It comes in many colors but black is always my go to work out gear color. I only wear one brand of sports bra and it's a lululemon one that has two wide bands and criss crosses in the back. It holds everything in place very tightly. It's expensive but works! I probably have ten of them. My capris are from lululemon as well with a wide waist band with a draw string. There are some bright colors on the waist band. The pants stay in place for running, jumping, squatting and burpees. My shoes are brand new- custom designed nanos from reebok. I resisted the purchase for a long time but I have to say they are very comfortable and functional. I suffer from really bad arch problems and my arches have been happy since wearing my nanos. I never ever ever wear socks!

CLICK HERE to view and purchase her Lululemon sports bra

CLICK HERE to view and purchase her Under Armour tank top

CLICK HERE to view and purchase her Lululemon capri workout pants

CLICK HERE to view and purchase or customize your own Nano shoes! 

Why you like each piece when working out: 
Ultimately, my decision is made by fit and then style. I find that once I find a piece I like I usually buy multiple of the same piece. I spend at least 4 hours a day in work out gear. I don't spend money on regular clothing. I spend most of my money on nice pieces of work out gear. I tend to keep my work out gear simple in design and style. I usually go for black. But, fit is always the most important factor and I usually bring the piece home and try doing some burpees, a quick run or some squats in it before i am ultimately sold on the piece. 

Your favorite work out apparel brand and why: 

I would have to say that lululemon is my favorite. I love their simple style. I also love their material. I love how their logo is not annoyingly placed. I also enjoy the shopping experience there. Like I said, I will spend money on work out gear because I wear it a lot. It is very expensive but I'm never disappointed by their product. 

 Advice to others when buying work out clothes:

Go to a crossfit competition. I am amazed by the display of fashion at these events and the pieces that crossfitters chose to represent and work out in. Often, crossfitters are not wearing enough clothing but hey, if you have the body, rock it! 

Anything else you want to add:

We are always discussing what pieces of work out gear are our favorites but what it boils down to is that you have to find something that fits your body. We all have different bodies and insecurities so make sure that whatever pieces you wear work for you, fit your body and make you feel confident. 

I hope this is a helpful tool to help you purchase work out clothes! As you can see, we all have different opinions on what workout clothes are the best and what works for each of us individually but overall we all are looking for workout clothes that fit great, feel great and look great! Do you have a favorite brand of work out apparel or a favorite individual work out piece? Let me know in the comments below!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Purses with Pursonality

I have not talked much about accessories yet so I think it is about time. So, today is all about purses, specifically Kate Spade purses! I will admit I have a slight obsession with her bags, I love the colors, silhouettes and sizes she offers. When I am buying designer bags I am very careful about it because they are not cheap. I like to make sure that I don't already have a bag in that similar color, size or silhouette and it is something that will add to my collection not duplicate or replicate something I already have. Below are my three favorite Kate Spade bags!

This cross body bag is the first one I bought and it was a great purchase! It is the perfect size and with the long strap I can carry it around on my body with ease. The navy and white combo is great because it matches so many outfits. The construction and materials of the cross body bag is so high quality that I will get many years use out of it and definitely get my moneys worth! I love that I can use it all year round and it is something that will never go out of style! 

This black bag is the second Kate Spade that I purchased and it was during black friday last year. That is a great time to make purchases that you have been thinking about because you are getting great deals. This bag is the ultimate everyday bag, it is black quilted and has two big compartments divided by a zippered compartment in the middle with pockets on the sides. I have been told that the bag is way to heavy for comfort, which is true, but I can fit everything that I need in there! The chained straps add a unique detail that makes this bag so amazing. This was another great purchase and it is a bag that I know I will have for years to come! 

My most recent purchase was this beauty, I could not resist it because I got a great deal and it is the perfect pop color for spring. It brightens up my collection and adds another size which is a great way to build a solid collection of designer bags. It has two zippers on the sides of the bag then the center is open with pockets. The compartments in this purse help you to stay really organized with all of your stuff while not being so big that it is manageable. The straps are long enough to fit nicely under your arm the gold details with this shade of pink is just perfect! 

Purses are the purfect finishing touch to an outfit and making a purchase is so exciting! Each season I love to add another one to the collection to refresh and update my looks. Remember, when you are buying a bag, make sure you are in love with it and KNOW that you are going to be able to use it often. Make sure it is constructed nicely, makes sense for your lifestyle and is different then the rest of your collection. I usually make my purse purchases when there is a sale going on just because I am saving some money and it is better then nothing so keep an eye on the purse you adore and make the purchase when you feel comfortable! Now that I am working at Nordstrom I am always downstairs checking out the new purses that they have because they all are so fabulous! Come see me and we will find you the perfect purse for the spring/ me at to come shop with me!!