Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Purses with Pursonality

I have not talked much about accessories yet so I think it is about time. So, today is all about purses, specifically Kate Spade purses! I will admit I have a slight obsession with her bags, I love the colors, silhouettes and sizes she offers. When I am buying designer bags I am very careful about it because they are not cheap. I like to make sure that I don't already have a bag in that similar color, size or silhouette and it is something that will add to my collection not duplicate or replicate something I already have. Below are my three favorite Kate Spade bags!

This cross body bag is the first one I bought and it was a great purchase! It is the perfect size and with the long strap I can carry it around on my body with ease. The navy and white combo is great because it matches so many outfits. The construction and materials of the cross body bag is so high quality that I will get many years use out of it and definitely get my moneys worth! I love that I can use it all year round and it is something that will never go out of style! 

This black bag is the second Kate Spade that I purchased and it was during black friday last year. That is a great time to make purchases that you have been thinking about because you are getting great deals. This bag is the ultimate everyday bag, it is black quilted and has two big compartments divided by a zippered compartment in the middle with pockets on the sides. I have been told that the bag is way to heavy for comfort, which is true, but I can fit everything that I need in there! The chained straps add a unique detail that makes this bag so amazing. This was another great purchase and it is a bag that I know I will have for years to come! 

My most recent purchase was this beauty, I could not resist it because I got a great deal and it is the perfect pop color for spring. It brightens up my collection and adds another size which is a great way to build a solid collection of designer bags. It has two zippers on the sides of the bag then the center is open with pockets. The compartments in this purse help you to stay really organized with all of your stuff while not being so big that it is manageable. The straps are long enough to fit nicely under your arm the gold details with this shade of pink is just perfect! 

Purses are the purfect finishing touch to an outfit and making a purchase is so exciting! Each season I love to add another one to the collection to refresh and update my looks. Remember, when you are buying a bag, make sure you are in love with it and KNOW that you are going to be able to use it often. Make sure it is constructed nicely, makes sense for your lifestyle and is different then the rest of your collection. I usually make my purse purchases when there is a sale going on just because I am saving some money and it is better then nothing so keep an eye on the purse you adore and make the purchase when you feel comfortable! Now that I am working at Nordstrom I am always downstairs checking out the new purses that they have because they all are so fabulous! Come see me and we will find you the perfect purse for the spring/ me at to come shop with me!!