Monday, February 24, 2014

LSM: Long Sleeve Mini

A LSM is just as important as a LBD. An LSM being long sleeve mini dress and LBD being a little black dress. Every girl should have at least one, if not more, in their closet. It is my favorite go to look during cold or transitioning weather. You can add tights to the look to stay warmer or leave your legs bare. Sometimes carrying around a jacket all night is bothersome so this is a great way to loose the jacket. 

This first look is a fitted Michael Kors dress, the geometric print and striped hem is classic. The stretchy fabric is so giving and creates the perfect silhouette around the body. Adding a chunky neutral necklace completes the look and dresses it up a bit. 

I got this floral printed henley dress from ModCloth last summer and I am still obsessed with it! It is so comfortable and casual for a breeze spring day exploring the city with your friends. You can add a belt to the waist to create shape or leave it alone like I did. Pair with a pair of gold Jack Roger scandals and a couple pieces of simple jewelry to finish off this look. 

Lastly, I am loving this Express sheer sleeve, polka dot dress. It is the dressiest out of all of them and would be perfect for a cocktail party or fancy anniversary dinner. The empire waist and flowy skirt gives a youthful feel while staying sexy with the cinched waist. 

My incredibly talented sister did the photo shoot with me and I am in love with the photos. Erin Batton Photography has such a unique perspective through the lens and it is so refreshing. She mostly does maternity photo-shoots, engagements and family shoots but she has made an exception for me! Like her on Facebook to keep up with her work or to contact her for a session!

Send me a photo in your favorite LSM to and I will feature you on my pinterest page! 


Monday, February 17, 2014


Every woman has an Invisible Crowne and my mission is for you to find it, polish it and rock it. If you are looking to step up your fashion game this is the perfect post to help jump start that! Dare I say it...mixing and matching prints and stripes. It can be scary but if you do it right you will feel good, look good and be able to rock your own unique Invisible Crowne!

*Choose one color that is in both the print and the stripe*

It is so easy to wear these leopard pants with a black top or wear this striped top with a pair of blue jeans, those looks match perfectly fine and no one would question it. But what about pushing the boundaries and mixing prints and stripes and making it work?
This first look works because of the common denominator which is the color black. The black in the stripe, the leopard and the booties create a common theme that draw your eye in. 

This is a more daring mix&match look that I created but it still works! This J.Crew skirt has a lot going on so it seems weird to add more prints to it but it actually enhances the look. By adding a monochromatic printed crop top the blues from the skirt are pulled out and bring the whole look together. 

This last look is my favorite! I mixed two prints and stripes to create such a fun and unique look! This Lilly Pulitzer top is so cute with the vibrant florals and adding this Target Scarf is so much fun! Both of the prints are so preppy that it really works. The blue from the top and the blue from the scarf match which helps make this look work. Adding in the Coach flats makes the look more dynamic!

Mixing & Matching your clothing helps not only to create more outfits in your closet but more creative outfits! Your individuality will shine and you will stand out in a good way! Taking fashion risks are scary but when you do it you will open up a whole new world of possibilities! Have fun!

CLICK HERE to see similar looks to the ones above that you can buy online right now! 


Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy Almost Valentine's Day!

Last week I posted the perfect DIY for your Valentine's Day attire. So, today I want to share a couple of my favorite festive DIY Valentine's Day dinner setting ideas that I put together. It does not have to be a big production or cost a ton of money, all you need is to get a little creative! 

This heart top that I made is so comfortable and cute, I paired it with a sheer red chiffon skirt that has shorts inside. This is a semi casual look that definitely celebrates love! Add some heels to dress it up or flats to dress it down. 

Use your favorite neutral colored tablecloth then find a festive runner for your table. Use your christmas lights to string around the table, if your feeling crafty try to shape it into a heart with safety pins like I did ! 

Pull some of your favorite graphics from around your house and post them around your dinner table to remind your significant other how much they mean to you! Grab a bottle of bubbly and celebrate!! 

This next look is the other DIY top I made and is a bit more casual. I paired it with parachute pants and heels that dress it up and help elongate my legs. The gold hearts are the perfect touch of glam for this festive look! To finish it off I added some hot pink lipstick!

If you really want to step it up and get dressed up for your Valentine's day dinner I would suggest something like this Forever 21 dress. Click here for a similar dress to this one! The red rose, symbolically, is for lovers. How appropriate! 

Click here for all of the details on each part of this Valentine's Day set up!


Monday, February 3, 2014

Featuring: Velvet Heart Clothing!

While I was going to school at FIDM I interned at two companies. My first internship was at BCBG then my second one was at Velvet Heart. After my internship and school ended I got a full time job with Velvet Heart and it was such an amazing experience! Beni came to the warehouse with me everyday and he become the mascot of the company, along with Lyla!

Velvet Heart sent me some clothes to share with all of you today and I could not be more excited!!
These camo pants are so much fun! Paired with combat boots, a casual top and girly jewelry you have the perfect edgy but pretty look! These pants fit so well and they are a great addition to any wardrobe!

This next look is all Velvet Heart. The chiffon top with the lace strip on the bodice is so unique and fun! It takes your basic button down to the next level. Pairing it with these white pants with the stripe down the side creates a really fun and flirty outfit for any occasion! 

With this last look I am thinking spring! Velvet Heart is a California based company so this look really embodies their brand. The top is made out of a new fabric called tencel and Velvet Heart has the most amazing tencel products. Tencel is soft and drapes so well, it is casual and comfortable. The bottoms have a beautiful floral print and they are perfect for the warmer weather. 

Click on the links above to purchase the clothing or to just browse their website! They have some amazing stuff at a really affordable price! Happy Shopping!!