Monday, February 3, 2014

Featuring: Velvet Heart Clothing!

While I was going to school at FIDM I interned at two companies. My first internship was at BCBG then my second one was at Velvet Heart. After my internship and school ended I got a full time job with Velvet Heart and it was such an amazing experience! Beni came to the warehouse with me everyday and he become the mascot of the company, along with Lyla!

Velvet Heart sent me some clothes to share with all of you today and I could not be more excited!!
These camo pants are so much fun! Paired with combat boots, a casual top and girly jewelry you have the perfect edgy but pretty look! These pants fit so well and they are a great addition to any wardrobe!

This next look is all Velvet Heart. The chiffon top with the lace strip on the bodice is so unique and fun! It takes your basic button down to the next level. Pairing it with these white pants with the stripe down the side creates a really fun and flirty outfit for any occasion! 

With this last look I am thinking spring! Velvet Heart is a California based company so this look really embodies their brand. The top is made out of a new fabric called tencel and Velvet Heart has the most amazing tencel products. Tencel is soft and drapes so well, it is casual and comfortable. The bottoms have a beautiful floral print and they are perfect for the warmer weather. 

Click on the links above to purchase the clothing or to just browse their website! They have some amazing stuff at a really affordable price! Happy Shopping!!