Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy Almost Valentine's Day!

Last week I posted the perfect DIY for your Valentine's Day attire. So, today I want to share a couple of my favorite festive DIY Valentine's Day dinner setting ideas that I put together. It does not have to be a big production or cost a ton of money, all you need is to get a little creative! 

This heart top that I made is so comfortable and cute, I paired it with a sheer red chiffon skirt that has shorts inside. This is a semi casual look that definitely celebrates love! Add some heels to dress it up or flats to dress it down. 

Use your favorite neutral colored tablecloth then find a festive runner for your table. Use your christmas lights to string around the table, if your feeling crafty try to shape it into a heart with safety pins like I did ! 

Pull some of your favorite graphics from around your house and post them around your dinner table to remind your significant other how much they mean to you! Grab a bottle of bubbly and celebrate!! 

This next look is the other DIY top I made and is a bit more casual. I paired it with parachute pants and heels that dress it up and help elongate my legs. The gold hearts are the perfect touch of glam for this festive look! To finish it off I added some hot pink lipstick!

If you really want to step it up and get dressed up for your Valentine's day dinner I would suggest something like this Forever 21 dress. Click here for a similar dress to this one! The red rose, symbolically, is for lovers. How appropriate! 

Click here for all of the details on each part of this Valentine's Day set up!