Monday, February 17, 2014


Every woman has an Invisible Crowne and my mission is for you to find it, polish it and rock it. If you are looking to step up your fashion game this is the perfect post to help jump start that! Dare I say it...mixing and matching prints and stripes. It can be scary but if you do it right you will feel good, look good and be able to rock your own unique Invisible Crowne!

*Choose one color that is in both the print and the stripe*

It is so easy to wear these leopard pants with a black top or wear this striped top with a pair of blue jeans, those looks match perfectly fine and no one would question it. But what about pushing the boundaries and mixing prints and stripes and making it work?
This first look works because of the common denominator which is the color black. The black in the stripe, the leopard and the booties create a common theme that draw your eye in. 

This is a more daring mix&match look that I created but it still works! This J.Crew skirt has a lot going on so it seems weird to add more prints to it but it actually enhances the look. By adding a monochromatic printed crop top the blues from the skirt are pulled out and bring the whole look together. 

This last look is my favorite! I mixed two prints and stripes to create such a fun and unique look! This Lilly Pulitzer top is so cute with the vibrant florals and adding this Target Scarf is so much fun! Both of the prints are so preppy that it really works. The blue from the top and the blue from the scarf match which helps make this look work. Adding in the Coach flats makes the look more dynamic!

Mixing & Matching your clothing helps not only to create more outfits in your closet but more creative outfits! Your individuality will shine and you will stand out in a good way! Taking fashion risks are scary but when you do it you will open up a whole new world of possibilities! Have fun!

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