Friday, August 29, 2014

An Embellished Labor Day Weekend

Crop tops have been a huge trend this summer and this long weekend is the perfect time to try out the look! Whether you are going to the beach and are going to stay casual or you are going to be out on the town with a more dressed up look, you can rock a crop top and revel in this beautiful weather! I decided to pair this crop top with a fit and flair skirt. The top is beautifully embroidered with a floral pattern and beading with a scalloped hem. All you need are a couple of accessories and the look is complete! 

My bright pink Kate Spade purse has been my favorite purchase of the summer. It matches so many different looks as well as brightens them up! It holds everything that I need and I know it will be a staple in my closet for a long time!

Below are a few photos from Gillian's wedding shower, her twin Gabby did an AMAZING job at putting it all together. We were in the suburbs of Nashville and had the most elegant tea party! 
(Photo Credit: Dana Poist)

I hope everyone has a great three day weekend and enjoys their Monday off for Labor Day! Steve's family will be in town and we will be hanging on the Chesapeake bay all weekend eating crabs and catching rays! 


Friday, August 22, 2014

Baltimore Magazine Best of Baltimore

It was so nice to get my whole family together to go to the Baltimore Magazine Best of Baltimore Party at the Hippodrome, there was endless food and drinks that were delectable and so many other giveaways and contests. I am so proud of my family's business, my dad is the fourth generation and my brother is the fifth. They have worked so hard and come so far and the business has flourished into something amazing. They deserve this recognition and I was so happy to celebrate with them! Check out FC Batton and Son, Inc. business page (<click) to see all of the amazing custom homes that have been built over the years! 

My mom got me this bracelet when my parents were in Europe over the summer and I love it so much. It will go with anything and it is the perfect accessory! Thanks mom!

The theme of the party was Edgar Allan Poe so when I saw this skirt I knew it would be perfect! The butterflies and the colors are so interesting and something I would think he would use as inspiration for one of his poems! This is a great skirt to transition into fall and winter. you can wear almost any color with it and the silky fabric is amazing! 

I will be in Nashville this weekend for my friend's Bachlorette party and I could not be more excited to celebrate her! Nashville is one of my favorite places so I can't wait to be there! Outfit details from the trip will be on the blog next week!!


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

3 Day Suja Juice Cleanse

Once we decided on the days we were going to do the juice cleanse we got the juices delivered the day before we started. My sister and I went to Fresh Market and got some lemons, herbal tea and perrier water. We drank herbal tea with lemon and carbonated water in-between the juices to stay hydrated. 

Day #1:
I woke up drank some hot herbal tea with lemon and then 2 hours later I started on the first juice. Every 2 hours I would drink a juice with the herbal tea with lemon and carbonated water in-between. Each juice was tasty and satisfied some type of craving throughout the day. About an hour and a half after a juice I would start to get hungry again but the water helped until the next juice. That hunger pain lessened throughout the day as my body was getting used to it. I started to feel clear headed and hopeful to continue. By the end of the day I was feeling tired but overall really good, I have to stand all day at work so that was a big factor in how I was feeling at the end of the day.

Day #2:
I repeated the same steps as the first day and was sticking with the plan. My energy loss increased just a bit but I felt hydrated, had no sign of a headache and felt less bloated than usual. I think this was the hardest day because you knew what to expect and also had another day to go. I stayed busy at work and kept my mind off of the cleanse, every 2 hours I drank a juice and kept up with drinking the water. By the end of the day I felt clear headed and the best since I started.

Day #3:
The girls and I were so excited we made it this far and we were excited to be almost finished. We really started to miss chewing but wanted to finish the cleanse strong. The afternoon/night was probably the hardest part for me but that is when you learn how strong your will power really is. I wasn't craving food I was just missing the routine of eating dinner at night with Steve, he was cooking up salmon cakes for himself and the smell was so good it was super hard to resist. But I did resist and woke up Saturday morning so proud of my metal strength! I was able to get through all 3 days of the cleanse and complete it with flying colors!

This was an eye opener to my eating habits and thought process when it comes to food. I generally eat very healthy but I am not perfect. I was totally satisfied the whole time but because eating is something you do everyday you tend to forget that it is to fuel your body not to satisfy cravings for things that do not benefit it. Even though I peed a lot I was able to give my digestion track a rest and clear it out while hydrating. I did not work out over the 3 days because of low energy but I did walk my dog a lot and get out in the fresh air. I did not weigh myself during the cleanse because it was not about loosing weight but I did take photos every morning up until the morning after we were finished to see if I could see any physical changes. 
Day #1
Day #2
Day #3
Day #4
If you want to do this cleanse to loose weight I think you would be disappointed in the results. The only minimal change I see is from the first day to the morning after I finished the cleanse and I wouldn't even say that it is that extreme. In general I felt slimmer, tighter and more in control of my body at the end and to me that is the best benefit of the cleanse. Overall I had a great experience with the cleanse and I will be doing it again in a couple of months for sure! 

Have you or will you every do a juice clease?!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

These are a Few of my Favorite Things

Steve and I recently moved into an apartment that we just love and I have been having a great time decorating it! I shop everywhere and anywhere to get an amazing piece at a great price. I had a color scheme in mind from the beginning, navy, grey and white, so it makes it a lot easier to pick pieces and prints out. I love mixing prints and florals and that is exactly what I did in the living room. We choose to paint an accent wall a deep grey in the living room and kitchen to warm the place up a little bit. 

Our couch is from Sofas Etc, we had such a great experience and Janis was so great to work with!
The coffee table is from Hayneedle. I like how it has the removable glass panels for easy cleaning and it is on wheels so it is easy to move around without scratching anything!  
The rug is from Target, it goes with my color scheme and you cannot beat the price!  

My curtains are also from Target! The colors work great with the white and grey accents and the floral breaks up the prints in the rest of the room.

The pillows from Etsy: The Pillow People
It took me a couple tries to figure out what I wanted but Mandy was so helpful in making the decision. I originally ordered different pillow cases and it did not work like I imagined so I spoke with her and she were so helpful with all of my questions and my exchange. I love the throw pillows, they make the room so comfortable and cute!

Chair: Value City
When I saw this chair I loved the print and thought that it would be nice in the living room but after actually getting it in the apartment it fit right underneath the desk so it is the perfect place to sit comfortable and get some work done!
I have a long ways to go with this desk area but I am so excited to see what we come up with!

Curtains: West Elm
Kitchen Table/Stools: Brandon Furniture
My mom and I walked through Brandon Furniture because they were having a 50% off manufactures sale. We came across this table/stools and mentioned that we liked it but then left. Later that day I called and paid for it and I am so happy that I did! It is a great dinner table but also doubles as an island because the stools fit underneath!  

Decorating any size living space takes time and patience to find the right pieces that you will love! Do you have any go to places for all of your decorating needs?!


Friday, August 1, 2014

Just Me and My Boyfriend

Ever since the "boyfriend jean" became popular I have not been able to find a pair that I liked! They were either too loose around the waist and legs, or the crotch dropped too low. But I have finally found a pair, they are a slim boyfriend jean, so I get to have the best of both worlds! These Current Elliott Jeans are so comfortable and a great change from the skinnies that we all love! (link to each piece below!) This top is my favorite color and I love the wrap front, it is so cute and different! I added a coobie bra underneath to keep the look casual and so I didn't have to be uncomfortable in a strapless bra all day. 

These jeans are a little pricey but they are what I call a "staple" in your closet so you will get a lot of use out of them. The top is more of a "fashion" piece, so that is something that I will compromise on price. You will wear it for a summer or two then get rid of it. Knowing what to spend the big bucks on is half of the battle, then you just fill in with the fashion pieces so you can create a lot of different looks for half the price. 
This is a great day to night look. You can wear sandals during the day with your big shoulder bag then switch into heels, add the jewelry and clutch and you are good to go! Do you have a pair of boyfriend jeans yet?!