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Thanks for visiting my style blog! It all started it at a time when things were not going the way I thought they would and I had to reset and figure out exactly what I wanted to do. This is a creative outlet for me and I have so much fun doing it. I try to put together relatable outfits that are affordable and also a little unique. I went to Arizona State University then I went to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in LA so I was out west for about 6 years. I have so much love for the west coast but I was born and raised on the east coast, and that is where I am located currently. I describe my style as part east coast prep and part west coast casual, I love bold florals and prints but I am also obsessed with soft neutrals so I love to mix it up and keep it interesting. I following trends and fast fashion but the key is knowing when to really invest in your clothing to have a solid wardrobe that you can build on to mix and match your looks. My goal is to help you find your style and build your wardrobe off of key pieces in your closet to stay as budget friendly as possible!

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Best of Baltimore 2016!