Monday, March 17, 2014

Closet Crash at Emily's!

This was such an amazing closet crash, my friend Emily and I finally found a time to go through her stuff and really organize its all! We were having way to much fun and what you don't see is Katie, Samantha and Erin in the background goofing around with us while we conquered Emily's closet! They all got to take home a couple things that Em did not want anymore and it was a great way to exchange clothing to refresh everyones wardrobe! Emily's closet had so many great shelves and hooks in it that it just needed some adjustments to really utilize the space for its full potential! She has such great style and by the end she was so excited to be able to see her whole wardrobe to maximize outfits and to know the pieces she needs to complete her looks for the spring time!! 

Click here to view the video on youtube!