Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year and New Beginnings

Even though 2013 went by far too quickly, there is something exciting about starting a brand new year and being able to start over. There are always ups and downs, (I had many in 2013) but no matter what happens there is always a chance to right your wrongs, learn from your mistakes and forgive people who have hurt you. Life is short and there is no reason to hang on to any bad feelings…hence the title of this post. It is time to start doing instead of saying and making the most of this brand new year ahead of us. Most of my New Year Resolutions have to do with my career because that is MY focus of 2014. 

So here is my favorite one: 

1. THIS BLOG! I am so excited to finally be launching the Invisible Crowne fashion blog. I cannot wait to start interacting and connecting with all the other fashion lovers out there, I hope that you will come along with me on this journey, I have so much to talk about and hope you do too! 

Cheers to an amazing:

I spend New Years with most of my closest friends and would not have had it any other way! I feel so blessed to have such amazing friends and family! I am wearing a Victoria's Secret dress, black tights and black booties!

Christmas Eve my family went out to a really nice dinner like we do every year. Its always nice to dress up and go out to spend time with the ones that you love. I am wearing an ASOS sweater , a JCrew necklace, a zip front black skirt, Black Spanx Tights and Black booties. The outfit was festive and really playful! I chose to put my hair up in a sock bun because it is an easy hassle free way to do your hair that takes less than a minute! (be on the look out for my sock bun tutorial next week!!)

My boyfriend and I were in Chicago over the holidays to see his family. My best friend from college and I always get together when we are there! I am always so excited to see her and catch up on life...I am crossing my fingers that one day we will live in the same state ;). But until then frequent visits to each other will have to do! I am wearing an LC Lauren Conrad Kohls Sweater and a Plaid Madewell Scarf. Miss you already Kait!!

                   Check back for brand new Invisible Crowne blog posts weekly and much more!