Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Vintage Jewelry

My favorite jewelry pieces are those that have been handed down to me, and some of them I wear all the time. Not only is it a daily reminder of my Grandmothers, on both sides of my family, but it is also so cool to know that these treasures have been around for so long. Mixing my vintage pieces with newer pieces creates such a unique look that no one else can replicate and that, to me, is style. 

After my Grandmother's passing we all looked through her jewelry and a couple pieces immediatley stood out to me. Those are the ones I kept as a reminder of the Angel who is watching over me now. My Mom has always talked about how fashionable her Mother was and how it skipped a generation (haha). Below are my two favorite pieces that I inherited. I wear the ring everyday and the necklace occasionally.
When this ring was appraised during my freshman year at college we learned that the artesian created it in Arizona. Coincidentally I went to school at Arizona State University which makes me feel even more connected to the piece. I get compliments on the ring all the time and I love telling this story. 

This necklace is so beautiful, each of the stones are delicately placed and the colors are amazing. The closure on the back is circular, covered with stones and is magnetic! It is a real piece of art that I am honored to have in my collection.

My paternal Grandmother gave me these earrings. They were hers when she was younger and since we have the same initials it was the perfect Christmas gift. These were one of the best gifts I have ever received because there is so much history behind them. Monogramming has become so popular again the past couple of years that they are back in style!

Along with my vintage pieces I also cherish some pieces that my mom has given me throughout the years. Each has a special meaning and a story behind them. The 'h' necklace was one of the first, it is from Tiffany and still a favorite of mine. She bought me the turquoise ring when we were in New Mexico for Thanksgiving a couple of years ago and it is the perfect compliment to my vintage ring. 

If you are interested in checking out vintage jewelry CLICK HERE. has some amazing pieces that you can bid for on their online auction. 

Below are some blog posts with me wearing these pieces...I will have to wear the statement necklace in a future post!