Thursday, July 30, 2015

Tank Top DIY

We all have clothes in our closet that we skip by day after day and never wear. So why not take those pieces and create something completely new?! This DIY will refresh your closet with a new and unique top that will not cost you a cent! This is especially good if you shrunk a top in the dryer (oops!) or it just does not fit you anymore for whatever reason. 

Step #1: Pick out the top that you are going to repurpose as well as the fabric from another garment.

I chose the repurpose these pants.

 Step 2: Cut down the side seams of your top.

Step 3: Measure the length of the side seam to make sure you cut the fabric panels long enough. 

 Step 4: Pin two layers of the fabric together (in my case it was pants so I just pinned both layers). This way you can cut once and get both pieces the same exact size. 

 Step 5: Draw lines to make sure you cut straight. Don't worry if the lines are visible after you cut, they will not be after you sew the panel in. 

 Step 6: Cut. Cut the panels thicker or thinner depending on how much you want it to show. It is okay if they are too long. You can cut the extra fabric off the ends after you sew.

 Step 7: Pin down the fabric to the side seam(s) of the top and sew. If you don't have a machine you can also do it by hand. One by one pin and sew until all four seams are sewn! If the fabric you are using has a print and it is only on one side make sure you lay it and pin it correctly for the print to be facing out and the seam facing in. Also sew along the hem to reinforce and hold the fabric in place. 

There you go! Enjoy your brand new custom made shirt that did not cost you anything!