Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Neutral in Florida

The last day of vacation is always bittersweet. I get sad the vacation is over and real life continues but I am happy I am leaving bronzed with great memories. I have PD (packing disorder), it runs in my family so we have created a term for it. I packed way too much stuff and ended up wearing the same white pants 2 out of the 3 nights we were there. I am so glad I grabbed them from Nordstrom before we left because I clearly really like them! The top is only $11 and comes in white also, it is not supposed to be tied like that, I just tried it and liked it! I wore it to work yesterday with black pants, flats and a jean jacket without tying it up so it looks cute multiple ways. These sandals are so comfortable, you can play with the look and lace them up (more to come on these babies in the near future!) in many different ways. They will match any look and work with pants, a skirt or dress! They are only $40 but really comfortable. Something about an all neutral look gets me really excited and I am going to need to do it more often! 
Links to purchase are below!