Monday, March 28, 2016

Boot Cut or Bust?

Headed outside my fashion box again. Since fashion week I have seen boot cut jeans becoming popular again. I am a skinny jeans girl all the way, that is really all I have ever worn except for maybe a straight leg here and there. I was interested to see how I would feel about them, so I found a pair of boot cut jeans that were under $30 so I could test the waters. I have to say, the moment I put them on I was a little worried but once I added a shoe I instantly loved the look. I realized that when wearing boot cut jeans my top needs to be semi form fitting and not too long because there was already enough flair at the bottom of my legs. This particular pair fit like a glove and overall I am really happy that I tried this trend. It is nice to expand my denim horizons and add a whole new dimension to my wardrobe! This top is so soft and comes in 5 other colors, it is also under $30. Since Easter was super casual with my family it was a great choice and one that I will wear often! I kind of made up this braided headband hair look and it was really easy so I will post a video to Instagram to recreate!
Links to purchase this look are below.