Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Engagement Party

We had such a great time at our engagement party. Friends flew in from Chicago and having everyone from both of our hometowns together was a first and so much fun. It was such a busy day for me that I forgot to take pictures of all of the decor, I am sad about it because it looked so good but I found a few that I added below. I will need to hire someone to take photos at the next event! The dress I wore was perfect for the occasion, it was flattering and comfortable. Since it was so hot one of my bridesmaids did a braided hairstyle for me and it was perfect, it kept my hair off my neck and something a little different than usual! It was a great day and I am so thankful of my parents and Steve's parents, they worked so hard to help prepare for the party. Links to purchase my dress are below!