Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Fall Florals

Fall is just around the corner and even though I am so sad that summer is ending I am excited to pull out my fall wardrobe and update it with some new pieces. This dress is first up and I am obsessed with it. The fall florals are on point and the pleating detail on the back is really different! This dress is perfect for work and then out for happy hour as well. It fits true to size and it is $24. Once it gets colder I will be wearing it with OTK boots and a peacoat. 

I know there have been a lot of questions about the place I got this dress, SheIn, so here are my thoughts on the company and my best tips when purchasing from them:

1) I have placed orders with this company about 5 times and every time I have received everything that I ordered. Each piece has been what was advertised online.
2) It does take some time for you to receive it so do not order something hoping to get it for the weekend. Give them about 2-3 weeks.
3) I have made returns and I got my refund just like any other store, you just have to pay to ship the items back.
4) Their customer service team gets back to you quickly and they are very helpful.
5) Most of the clothing is true to size but there have been a few pieces that were not. I tend to purchase more loose fitting pieces that could fit me if I ordered a size up or down. That strategy has worked for me so far. 
6) Lastly, I tend to buy in bulk from this site, making one purchase every few months has worked best for me. Because it takes so long to get to me I like to get it all at once. Also, because I have to pay for the shipping back, I would rather return multiple things at once then one thing at a time. 

I am not being paid to say any of this, I am just sharing my experience so if you have been on the fence about ordering from them you can make an informed decision. Their prices are so low because they are essentially cutting out the middle man and selling direct to the consumer. Their stuff is fast fashion and very trendy so I go into the purchase knowing I will be wearing it for only a season or two. If you have any more questions leave them in the comments and I will answer them for you!
Links to purchase this look are below!

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